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What is Psibase

Increasingly, individuals need online applications that they can self-host in order to protect their data, guarantee the app's future availability, and eliminate censorship concerns. Communities have similar needs and often want to avoid depending too heavily on any one member or third party. That's what psibase is for–it's a powerful protocol that enables communities to come together to collectively "self-host" a web application ecosystem.

The psibase protocol encapsulates a host of open-source innovations from a low-level data serialization format and a database architecture, to a high-level full-stack web application framework and client-side plugin protocol. Intended to be a best-in-class base-layer infrastructure that can be trusted to facilitate better human collaboration and reliably power the next generation of community-hosted web apps.

This documentation

This documentation site is designed to help readers understand the psibase protocol, and become familiar with a reference implementation (currently in development).

The documentation has the following basic sections:

  • Specifications - for understanding the protocol specification itself
  • Development guides - for learning to develop psibase apps
  • Running infrastructure - for learning to run psibase infrastructure on behalf of a community
  • Default apps - for learning about some of the helpful apps that come by default on psibase infrastructure
  • Contributing guide - for learning to contribute to the core psibase protocol or its reference implementation